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Combines reliable software with great hardware to create a unique set of features

Printer Compatibility

Compatible with USB and Network printers from top brands including HP, Canon, Brother, Xerox, Epson, Lexmark, and many more...

Cloud Printing

With support ActivePrint Cloud Printing and Google Cloud Printing you can easily print to your home or office printers from anywhere in the world!

Built With Pi

At its core, the ActivePrint Cloud Server was built using the Raspberry Pi board. A small, powerful, and efficient computer about the size of a credit card. This make the ActivePrint Cloud Server a great print server that won't take up much space or electricity!

Upgrade Your Legacy Printers

Have an older printer that was built before mobile technologies like Apple's AirPrint or Google's Cloud Print? Use the ActivePrint Cloud Server to make that older printer compatible with even the most leading edge mobile devices including iPhone 5s, iPad Air and Mini, and Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4!

Makes USB Printers Available On WiFi

Do you have a USB printer that you want to make available to other PCs and smart devices on your Wireless LAN? The ActivePrint Cloud Server is perfect for this. Simply plug the printer into one of the built in USB ports and your printer will be made available to anyone on your network.

Energy Efficient

This little box uses less than electricity than most energy efficient light bulbs! Depending on the rates that your electric company charges, it costs less than $20 to run this print server year round.
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